Bruce Sterling's wonderful novella Kiosk in podcast form

Tony sez, "StarShipSofa's latest podcast installment is 'Kiosk', the novella written by the SF great, Bruce Sterling. Narrated by the brilliant Peter Cavell, 'Kiosk' is a tale easily relatable to the 21st century. Sterling's novella focuses on a Borislav who runs a little kiosk in an anonymous European city. Thanks to a device he calls a 'fabrikator', he is able to court promising patrons by replicating items borne out of necessity or desire. Running time for this story is two hours."

This was one of the most moving and provocative stories I read in '08. Can't wait to listen to it now.

Aural Delights No 116 Bruce Sterling

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(Thanks, Tony!)

(Image: Kiosk, a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike picture from yashima's photostream)