If chess were redesigned by MMORPG developers

AKMA sez, "As I was walking to work I started thinking about some of the reasons I got tired of playing World of Warcraft, and this angle occurred to me…."

After millennia in beta, Échecs Games presents the interactive strategy game for the twenty-first century: Shah-mat 64.0!

• More character possibilities — now any unit can be any colour or gender! Male queens, female bishops, chartreuse rooks!

• New game board maps featuring additional continents and unoccupied areas — no reason ever to go back to boring original 64 squares!

• No more grinding through tedious opening levels — move quickly into endgame content!

• New bosses — more powerful pieces, but they move entirely predictably and unintelligently!

• New special moves: dimensional portal allows King escape to any unoccupied square in the game!

If Chess Were Invented By MMOG Developers

(Thanks, AKMA!)

(Image: Chess vortex, a Creative Commons Attribution image from fdecomite's photostream)