Plutopia, a multifaceted extravaganza, in Austin Monday, March 15


Here's a good reason to stay in Austin on Monday night.

In 2001, Jon Lebkowsky and Cory threw the first annual Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) party during SXSW Interactive, hosted by EFF-Austin. This party became annual tradition, and morphed over the last four years into Plutopia, a multifaceted extravaganza of music, performances, art, and talks, this year based on "The Science of Music." The event is Monday night, March 15, at the Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin.

Plutopia 2010 is an amazing convergence of technology, DIY, music, art, and academics. In addition to standard party fare, performance and the arts will play a major role alongside exhibits and talks in presenting the ideas in a way that will make this yet another memorable, stimulating, and fun SXSW after event.

Way beyond the run-of-the-mill "booze and schmooze" after-party mixer, Plutopia is an ever-evolving multimedia experiment of Austin-tatious proportions dedicated to a playful, yet masterful cross-pollination across verticals to bring you an immersive interactive experience event.

This year's Plutopian theme explores the role of technology, sound and digital media in changing the landscape and narrative of music in the information age.

The science refers to everything from immersive listening and the expanding of audio boundaries and experimentation, to new forms of instrumentation, sampling and remixing and emerging creative processes; and from integrated multisensory systems and interfaces with intelligent networks, to the transformations of aesthetics and the changing rhythm of nature.

Monday, March 15, 2010

7pm – midnight

Mexican American Cultural Center

600 River St. Austin, TX

FREE to SXSW Interactive and Platinum Badge Holders; $15 General Public


Bruce Sterling

Xiao He

DJ Spooky

Black Pig Liberation Front


Dr. Strangevibe

and also featuring the Edible Austin Foodie Fest and Tipsy Texan Cocktail Bar!

Unique to this and only this event, Edible Austin magazine is bringing the heart and soul of Austin's local foodie scene and cutting edge mixology to Plutopia and will be hosting out-of-town guests from Eat Well Guide. Full list of food and drink participants here.