One week remaining in the Game Dev competition


Just one week to go in the Chiptune Game Development competition! To recap: We're joining with Safari Books Online, the massive online library of technical know-how, to honor the mighty chiptune. All you have to do is pick out a great game-style chiptune that has no game to go with it, then make the game.

The game can be in the format and language of your choice, but we'll be particularly impressed by those whose style and economy matches the music. Flash, javascript/HTML5, Silverlight and Java will allow us to embed your game here, but native iPhone and Android apps are good options as well.

Of course, if you love Python or Unity or Locomotive BASIC, don't let us stop you.

You have until July 5 to complete your game. If that feels like a tight deadline, remember that games don't have to be epics! Vignettes are welcome. Check out the prizes in the original announcement.

Recent updates:

• Doctor Popular writes about the progress his team's made on their entry, and posts a screenshot. "I spent 10 hours at Noisebridge yesterday working with some very talented friends on an entry for BoingBoing's chiptune inspired video game challenge. Our game, "KnifeTanks", mashes pixel art and chiptune sounds with hand drawn assets and kazoos." You can keep up with Docpop here.

• Some more musicians added suggestions from their chip and chip-style ouvres: check out the tunes from Dektonic, Daniel Merrill, Golab and Beta to the Max.

• Don't forget about the 30 days free access to five game-dev titles from Safari Books Online. You don't have to set up a subscription, but there's also a coupon code at the freebie page if you've been looking for one.

• Looking for inspiration? Check out these games inspired by the 1980s at Abdizeedo, and this fantastic post at TIGsource featuring hundreds of indie games.