16" MacBook Pro announced, and it has a proper escape key

After years of poorly-received MacBook Pro models, Apple's new sixteen-inch model has a lot riding on it. Read the rest

Audio misencoded in post-game interview with football coach Ed Orgeron

Sports reporter Timothy Burke writes that "Something went wrong with my archival encode of the Utah State-LSU game, and all the audio is pitch-shifted down 100%. Which resulted in this." Read the rest

Build your own A-Frame cabin for "around $8,000"

At Field Mag, Andrew Szeto explains the fundamentals of building a basic A-Frame cabin. He writes that you can get it done for about $8,000, not including land.

The most major lesson learned is I should have gone bigger. Don't get me wrong, the cabin is awesome, but heck, an extra 5-10 feet in both directions would have been a game changer and made it a little more habitable. But to see a thing you built come to life is the greatest gift you can give yourself in my opinion.

A strong theme is not to go cheap on materials: don't use thin plywood for the interior, don't use polycarbonate roofing, don't build without properly levelling the land under it. Read the rest

Han and Greedo now shoot simultaneously in latest version of Star Wars: A New Hope

With the launch of the Disney+ streaming service, all eyes were on The Mandalorian, the new sci-fi western set in the aftermath of Return of the Jedi. But the original Star Wars movies are also availabe in 4K, and someone noticed that they've yet again tinkered with the scene where Han Solo shoots Greedo to avoid being abducted by him. Director George Lucas famously edited the scene in the 1990s to depict Greedo shooting first, making Han's killing him an act of self-defense and sanding a rough edge off a classic cinema hero.

The latest cut, which Disney reports was made by Lucas himself, has the two rogues firing simultaneously.

In the newly edited scene, Greedo says something to Han before shooting (Maclunkey!), although no subtitle appears at the bottom of the screen. Han proceeds to shoot once. This is followed by “a new explosion [that] covers a transition from them shooting to Greedo hitting the table, removing the Greedo dummy altogether.”

The account also discovered while scrubbing through the footage that it appears “the timing has been adjusted farther and they now shoot on the same frame.” It’s possible that these changes were made to improve the pacing of the scene since it’s different from what was originally used.

The Han-Greedo scene is the Oak Island Money Pit of movie scenes: it's been excavated and flooded so much that it's become more of an idea than anything else, its truths forever beyond our grasp. Read the rest

Train passenger simulator

BigBread's No Destination is a "game" in the classic spirit of Desert Bus, and you don't even have to make the occasional steering adjustment. Just sit and enjoy the journey, looking out of a train coach at the procedurally-generated hills and woods of wherever it is you are.

It's just the first entry I've checked out from from the 2019 ProcJam -- "Make something that makes something" -- and there are dozens more experiments, artworks and according-to-Hoyle games to enjoy.

An endless train ride, a sitting simulator. Just a relaxing time

Left mouse button to sit in a seat Right mouse button to hide the cursor wasd to move around spacebar to get up escape to quit / close the game

Read the rest

Threatin, "fake" singer-songwriter you haven't thought about in about a year, now on tour

Last November, Jered "Threatin" Eames hired some musicians, booked venues on the strength of inauthentic social media profiles, then played to empty halls and angry proprietors who soon outed the hustle. His viral fame was short lived, but now he's back—for real, this time, at least for certain values of reality—playing to paying customers. Vice sent a critic to a UK gig: "It was as weird as you could imagine," writes Hannah Mylrea.

Jered is clearly an accomplished guitarist (his vocals, less so) and his band for the evening are slick, but due to the complete lack of crowd interaction and Jered’s wannabe rockstar swagger, it makes for an uncomfortable watch, even without all the ridiculous pre-cursors. Clearly too uncomfortable for some, as the crowd noticeably thins out throughout.

After 45-minutes Jered finishes the show by smashing up the stage – ripping down his banners and decapitating the mannequins – and then giving a mock bow before walking off stage. That’s the last the crowd and I see of him.

Ladies and gentlemen, Threatin.

Read the rest

Tiny Islands, an addictive card-based island-drawing game

In Tiny Islands, by David King, you're dealt cards that let you "draw" particular landscape features on a grid, with occasional breaks to draw coastlines around the forests, mountains, villages and churches you place. Once you've gotten through the deck, your archipelago is scored based according to rules of proximity and placement. It's simple, frustrating and very addictive, with games over in a few minutes and a better high-score always at hand. I've managed to get in the 60s (check out the hashtag for more)—what about you? Read the rest

Simulation of a sub implosion

The Argentine sub San Juan vanished in 2017 and its wreckage was found only months later, but from the search mission's outset rescuers suspected what had happened. The sound of an implosion—"a singular, anomalous, violent, non-nuclear event"—was picked up hours after the vessel's last transmission. If you are horrified by the idea of a huge metal can being suddenly crushed by water pressure, this computer simulation of the San Juan's demise may well rationalize and deepen your conviction never to set foot on a sub. Read the rest

Supercar maker Vector has the world's best website

Vector made bizarre high-performance supercars that still command six-figure price tags decades after manufacture. Check out its amazing website. Note:

1. The wonder. The design. The impeccable taste. 2. The whole website is a single unclickable image, including the menu buttons. I just uploaded Vector's whole actual website as this post's "Featured Image."

In other words, Vector's website is exactly what it should be: a technically impractical concept design that looks cool but turns out to be an incomplete prototype.

Check out the Vector V8's dashboard/cockpit, replete with amber electroluminescent display.

Read the rest

Owner of taco chain also meth lord, say cops

Adolfo “Flaco” Mitchell, 34, owns a chain of taco restaurants in coastal Georgia. He's also been indicted for drug trafficking and conspiracy.

Police say Mitchell, who owns multiple Flacos House restaurants, was having methamphetamine shipped to him to distribute throughout the Savannah area. They say Mitchell was also directing others to transport methamphetamine to other states, including Virginia.

Mitchell remains jailed Monday. It’s unclear if he has a lawyer.

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Splendid Soviet painting of classroom computers is yours for $2500

Marcin Wichary spotted this fantastic Soviet painting of youngsters at the computer on offer for $2500 on Ebay.

Russian Ukrainian Soviet author's painting. Painter: unknown. Time of the creation: 1980s y. Oil on canvas. painting will be shipped without stretcher in a tube. Size: 100x120 cm (39x47 in)

Big fan of ortholinear, big fan of Ukrainian thrift store art. Read the rest

Second Sonic the Hedgehog trailer shows fixed design

Teaser images of Sonic the Hedgehog offered an ominous glimpse, but the forthcoming movie's first trailer horrified viewers with is unnervingly human computer-graphics Sonic. So furious was the lashing that the filmmakers promised to go back to the drawing board. And here you are, watching the results, embedded above.

It's fine!

Still has an edge of that special Sonic-fandom unwholesomeness...

...but this is definitely what Gen X wanted out of 2020, and they're going to get it.

Read the rest

Ethnicity detection camera

Here's an ad from Hikvision, the worlds' largest security camera company, boasting of its products' utility in detecting people's ethnicity. James Vincent writes that it "speaks volumes about the brutal simplicity of the techno-surveillance state." [via @CharlesRollet1, who points to an archived webpage that details the "Uyghur detection" feature] Read the rest

Blogging is hard, learns Gawker's new bosses

After being bankrupted by Peter Thiel and sold off to Univision, merged with The Onion, then finally handed off to a private equity group, the G/O Media (formerly Gawker) stable of blogs might yet have thrived due to their undiminished traffic and capable reporters. This was not to be, as the new management were soon proved ignorant of the company's culture in particular and of contemporary journalism in general. Things came to a head after Deadspin, famed as much for its trenchant culture writing as its game coverage, was told to "stick to sports", an edict that led to the firing of its editor and the mass resignation of its entire staff. In the empty office, the new management tried its hand at blogging only to find that this is harder than it looks.

Anna Merlan describes a cringe-inducing, quickly-abandoned effort to write the Gawker way:

The sentence structure was uniformly strained. The ledes were clunky. Many of the paragraphs were simply lists of scores, football plays, or marathon finishing times. (The Kenyan runners who won the New York City marathon were unnamed in a headline and described as "cantering," which is something horses do, not people, a phrasing I argued on Twitter was, uh, problematic.) Attempts at cusses were embarrassing: a few things "sucked" or were "dumbass." The headlines were dizzying verb-thickets that had to be read multiple times to be vaguely comprehensible. After a few days of these horrific word-manglers appearing on the site, whether they were his malformed children or not, Editorial Director [Paul] Maidment resigned, citing an "entrepreneurial opportunity" he simply had to pursue.

Read the rest

Wendy's hot drinks and cold drinks training videos

🎶 Hot drinks! Really gets you going. Warm you up! When you feel you're slowing. ... Don’t think twice, give your guests a juicy slice! 🎶

Here's cold:

Read the rest

Classic characters as 8x8 sprites

I'm amazed how recognizable some of the pop culture creatures are in Johan Vinet's 8x8 sprite sheet. Vinet's working on a game called Lunark but this particular work conforms to the pallette of the Pico-8 virtual console. [via Pixel Prospector] Read the rest

Uber CEO on Saudi murder of journalist: "We've made mistakes too"

Uber is significantly backed by Saudi investments and the country's sovereign wealth fund controls a seat on its board. In this video, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi is asked by Axios's Dan Primack about the Saudi regime's murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a U.S.-based journalist and dissident.

"It's a serious mistake," Khosrowshahi said. "We've made mistakes too, right? With self-driving, and we're recovering from that mistake ... So I think that people make mistakes. It doesn't mean that they can never be forgiven. I think they've taking is seriously."

Primack challenged his comparison of a political assassination, as described in a CIA report, to the presumptively accidental killing of a pedestrian by a self-driving car.

"I didn't read that part of the CIA report," Khosrowshahi said. "You're obviously deeper in it."

Khosrowshahi, however, is now very deep in something else.

Khosrowshahi later backtracked, telling Axios after the interview had ended that he had misspoken. “I said something in the moment that I do not believe,” said the CEO in a statement. “When it comes to Jamal Khashoggi, his murder was reprehensible and should not be forgotten or excused.”

Read the rest

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