Louis Vuitton bugged by locust sculptures in Japan


Nine locust sculptures crafted by artist Mitsuhiro Okamoto from knockoff designer bags were removed from the Kobe Fashion Museum after luxury fashion maker Louis Vuitton complained the art violated its trademark:


The sculptures, which measure about 40 centimeters (16 in) long, are titled "Batta Mon" — a play on the words batta ("locust") and battamon (slang for "knockoff"). According to the artist, the works are meant to raise questions about the relationship between authenticity and imitation in a consumer-driven society.

The exhibit opened on April 15, and included a number of iconic brand logos, not just LVMH. The locusts were yanked within the first 30 days.

More on Pink Tentacle, and the earlier report in Japanese at Asahi. The artist's website has a section about the Batta Mon sculptures here. (thanks, Antinous!).