Pirate Party starts its own ISP

The Swedish Pirate Party has founded its own ISP, built on the principle of maximum privacy and minimum control. That means no logging. The tech management comes from the folks who run the IPREDator proxy, which has been my proxy of choice for six months now, and is well worth the &euro5;/month for the assurance that my network connection isn't being sniffed, especially when using public WiFi.

Gustav Nipe, student of economics, long-standing Pirate Party member and CEO of Pirate ISP told TorrentFreak that Pirate ISP is based on the hacker ontology. "If you see something and you think it's broken you build a patch and fix it. With that as a reference point we are launching an ISP. This is one way to tackle the big brother society."

"The Pirate ISP is needed in different ways. One is to compete with other ISPs, let them fight more for our internet. If they don't behave there will always be someone else taking their share," Nipe added.

Aside from the competition angle, Gustav Nipe told TorrentFreak that the Pirate ISP will maximize privacy for all its customers. Operated by ViaEuropa – the company behind the iPredator anonymity service – Pirate ISP users will remain anonymous…

"It would be a pity to reveal all the tricks that we have, so we will save those for later. But we have ways to ensure that no customer should have to get a sad letter home from Henrik Pontén."

World's First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden

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