Two-headed, six-legged baby dragon

Just a month after the Venice Beach Freakshow acquired a two-headed albino snake named Lenny and Squiggy, they've welcomed a two-headed six-legged baby bearded dragon to its new sideshow home. Freakshow owner Todd Ray paid $5,000 to an amateur herpetologist near Dayton, Ohio for the critter, now named Pancho and Lefty. The Freakshow now has 14 live two-headed animals. From AOL News:

(Pancho and Lefty) move with relative ease, although sleep can occasionally be a struggle when Pancho wants to rest, but Lefty doesn't. Lefty will start walking and dragging his twin in a desired direction. When Pancho inevitably wakes up, he'll start pulling the other way.

But overall, they get along well and never fight.

"It's like they're used to having each other there," Ray said.

"Two-Headed, Six-Legged Dragon Is 'Amazingly Cute'"