The War Project, continued: an interview with Sgt. George Zubaty

Susannah Breslin has posted a new story to The War Project website, her independent online project featuring first-person stories of veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Every as-told-to story is based on an in-person interview Susannah conducted with the veteran, and a photo portrait she took of the veteran. About today's story:

Sgt. George Zubaty, whose father was a Vietnam War veteran, grew up in a small southern town and was deployed as an Army infantryman to Afghanistan in 2002 and Iraq in 2003. In his story, he talks about being among the first to enter Baghdad, what Iraq and Cormac McCarthy's The Road have in common, and why some soldiers have more problems than others.

"Every single vehicle we come by is shot up, burnt, tank tread down the center of it. I mean, you're looking in a car, and there'll be mom, dad, kids, everything's burnt, everything's torn up. Remember, it's 2003. At that point, Army units, they were training to do a general movement warfare type action. The whole point of our training was, just kill people. It wasn't soft and nice. It was, you've been shot at, you shoot back until the firing stops."

Sgt. George Zubaty (The War Project)

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