Steampunk Soundsystem: Victorian-themed DJ rig

Boing Boing reader Lord Baron Joseph C.R. Vourteque of the group SteamPunk Chicago shares photos of this spectacular home-modded gizmo with us, and says,

For the past month my friend Evad and I have been working on our (Extra-ordinary) Aural Fusionoscope & Amplification Machine, a glorified pseudo-Victorian way of saying "DJ rig."

Do pray pass the smelling salts, for I believe I may faint from sheer delight.

From the specs:

[T]his was originally a Numark CD-Mix 2 which I purchased from my good friend Orvtronixx. We built a wooden box around it and then got down to the lengthy task of expanding the audio ins & outs from the back of the box. After much soldering (and gnashing of teeth) we successfully installed a balanced XLR out, three RCA line-ins and a 1/4 in" microphone line in. We re-routed the main RCA unbalanced master out to a small speaker that is housed just below the vintage cast-iron Phonogram horn to act as the DJs personal monitoring system and re-routed the main mic out into a small microphone housed in the the smaller 1920s Ford car horn (which we repainted in black and copper). We then took a 1940s radiator, took it apart and housed the transformer in it. All in all the entire rig is an all in one system; though for large clubs we highly suggest running the XLR outs to the main sound.

Lots more photos and details here. If you're in Chicago, you can experience the rig in person at a local club tonight. With gypsies and belly dancers, of course.

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