August 28 is International Read Comics in Public Day!

I'm doing my part to support International Read Comics in Public Day. Won't you help, too?
201008192010 The concept is fairly simple: we’re asking that everyone take an hour or two out of their day on August 28th (also the birthday of Jack “King” Kirby, incidentally) to read a comic book in a public setting–a park bench, a beach, a bus, the front steps of your local library (we do ask, however, that you be mindful of local loitering laws). Let strangers see you reading a piece of sequential art.

[Mark's] comic of choice is Tippy Teen, a late-60s Archiesque Tower Comics series by Jughead artist, Samm Schwartz. If you look closely at the cover of this $0.25, Comics Code-approved issue, you’ll notice a prescient warning about the dangers of online dating. If you look to the left of Frauenfelder, you’ll see a sign that reads, “Wine. It’s what’s for dinner.” Coincidence? Perhaps.

Mark Reads Comics in Public