Furrygirl's sexy stripdown protest in Seattle airport mocking TSA security theater (NSFW video)


Self-described pornographer, sex worker, and sex blogger Furrygirl (Twitter, blog) opted for a patdown instead of the pornoscanners at the TSA checkpoint at the airport in Seattle, citing health concerns about radiation emitted by new devices.

To protest the TSA's invasive new "enhanced" screening procedures, she stripped down to see-thru, sexy underwear prior to her "grope-up," and videoblogged the whole thing (well, what the camera could capture from its vantage point on the little tray traveling down the conveyor belt).

"Instead of being scared and humiliated like the TSA wants me to be, I'm going to try and enjoy this experience the best I can," she says before she enters the screening area. "I'm just sorry the TSA doesn't work like a brothel, where you get to pick the one that's hottest."

I'd say what's most interesting about the video is what it doesn't show: the facial expressions of the TSA workers, the reactions of other passengers. At any rate, I applaud her efforts to stick it to The Man.

Video Link: My TSA Stripdown: Nov 21 at Seatac (vimeo)

Read more about it on her blog (NSFW)

Photos of the protester wearing the slinky undergarments at issue (NSFW)