Interview with imprisoned Russian art group

The-storm-of-White-House.jpgYusuf from Don't Panic UK says: "We've just published an interview with anarchistic Russian art renegades Voina on the website. Two members of the group, Oleg Vorotnikov and Lenja Nikolaev, answered their questions from St. Petersburg Prison, where they're awaiting trial on charges of hooliganism."

What do you think about a commentary on activism or radical art in Russia?

N.S.: Contemporary art is, first of all, an art activism for us, and not the piles of the art-rubbish kept in the galleries. Today activism is the only form of the radical left-wing art, which we are trying to revive in Russia. It's important to understand that there is no any other radical art in Russia, except for the one represented by a dozen of art-activists.

A.P-S: Anarch-art-activism is the only lively activity in Russia. Nowadays, when even hope for democracy in Russia is ruined, painting flowers and pussy cats or making any other "pure" art, lacking a socio-political content, is to support the right-wing authorities. The symbol of anarchy – a skull-and-bones – has to be painted right at the Russia's parliament building. That's what we did Our Jolly Roger laser projection was almost 50 meters high, covering almost the whole front of the White House in Moscow.

In a video on this page, the artists are shown closing traffic on a bridge to paint a giant penis on the asphalt, so that when the bridge was raised it faced the KGB offices. In the comments, we can discuss whether or not this was just as irresponsible as what the Orange County band the Imperial Stars did earlier this year when they shut down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles to play a set of songs.

[Link has a NSFW photo of a staged orgy at an art gallery] Russian art anarchists explain themselves: Banksy's new favourites Voina speak from prison