The nightmare queue to enter CES:Unveiled


The first big event at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas is CES: Unveiled, a press event designed to show off some of the year's best new items. In practice, it's often a bit of a letdown (Gizmodo's Brian Lam found this year's thin pickings engendered a sense of "crippling cynicism") because the best stuff is announced the next day at individual press conferences. But that doesn't stop the attending hordes forming a queue hours before the doors are set to open!

And this is nothing on the "Keynote Speech" queue, which traditionally has to be organized by teams of ushers over several floors of the Venetian/Sands Expo complex. Mercifully, the video compression here conceals the 'fractal vomit' carpet design that is mandatory in hotels and casinos in the state of Nevada.