CES 2011: Canon shows off "ultimate run-and-gun" pro camcorder


Canon launched an ultracompact "pro" camcorder and eight new models in its VIXIA range today, with the XA10 and Vixia HF G10 on the top shelf, three new M-series models in the midrange and three R-series budget shooters.

The G10 comes in at $1,500 and shoots full 1080p HD video, at 24 frames per second, through a 10x 30.4-300mm-equivalent lens with a dedicated manual focus ring. It includes manual shutter speeds and color temperature adjustment, and, along with a 3.5" LCD display, has a viewfinder for "shooting on a sunny day." It includes 32GB of flash memory.

The really fancy model, however, is the XA10 (pictured), described in the literature as "the ultimate professional camcorder for run-and-gun shooting." Recording full 1080-line HD at 60i, PF30, PF24 and native 24p using the AVCHD codec, it includes XLR audio inputs, infrared capture for shooting in darkness ("ideal for Military and Law Enforcement"), dual SDXC-compatible card slots, and the same 30.4mm – 304mm lens.

At $2,000, it's the same price as Sony's hotstuff ultraportable camcorder, the NEX10 — which lacks native 24p and XLR, but has interchangeable lenses and adapters.

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