Picocon: London's lovely little sf convention

David sez,

Picocon is the yearly one-day convention run by Imperial College's Science Fiction and Fantasy society. This year it's running a little earlier than in past years, on Saturday 19th February (the weekend after Valentine's day!) at Imperial's campus in South Kensington, London.

Guests of honour this year are authors Juliet McKenna, Kari Sperring and Paul McAuley -- with a special repeat appearance from one of our guest authors from last year, Jaine Fenn.

During the day there will be panel discussions, talks, silly games, the Destruction of Dodgy Merchandise (using liquid nitrogen and a dirty great big rubber hammer) -- while off the main track there will be LAN gaming, vendors selling books, costumes, LARP kit and convention t-shirts. This year, we've booked exclusive access to the Union Bar, where there will be good beer available at student Union prices, and where we'll also be running our themed quiz in the evening.

Picocon 28 will be held on Saturday 19th February 2011, in Imperial College Union.