Round-the-world with no bags for 90 days for charity

nobaggagefolks.jpgScotteVest, tech- and travel-friendly clothing makers mentioned here periodically since 2001 ("nerdwear of the first water" it was called then), started something called the "No Baggage Challenge" last year. Travel writer Rolf Potts went around the world in six weeks with no luggage whatsoever — just the items he could slip into the mazillion pockets of his SeV jacket and clothing.

Yes, it's a publicity stunt, but if you share the daydream of running off to see the world on a whim with only the clothes on your back, it's a darn appealing one.

The NoBCs are continuing this year to raise funds for various charities. The guys at Gear Diary did one for Haiti, Matt Browner-Hamlin did an abbreviated 10-day trip to Japan to benefit schools in Tibet, and now a sweet young couple named Jen and Marcus are going round-the-world for 90 days to benefit the microlending platform (and my favorite charity) Kiva.

The kids are in Buenos Aires now, about to head for Iguazu Falls. Traveling light, happy together, seeing the world. Let the flooding with envy (and support for their lending team) begin.

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