Make cool stuff with the new RJD2 album


RJD2 has just released his new album 'we are the doorways' as his alter-ego The Insane Warrior. As he explains in this blog post, the album was inspired by endless hours on Netflix watching 1975-1984 era scifi and horror movies; in a sense, this new album is the soundtrack to a movie that was never made.

And that's where you fit into this equation.

Tara Brown (aka my wife) was inspired by his post idea, so she set up a fan/submission site where anyone can send in cool things they've done with the album. Visual, audio, whatever. You can make the movie for which this album is the soundtrack. Or make a video for one of the songs, or make anything, really. RJ thought this was rad too, and offered to, some point in the future, will pick his favorite submission(s) and dish out a bunch of prizes. You can submit stuff here.

This project is completely fan-made, but has the endorsement of the artist. That is pretty cool. I wish more artists would be open to collaborating like this instead of just dishing out the cease and desists.