Hacking an old lens and bellows onto a Canon DSLR


Photo: Jake von Slatt

I recently bought Canon's t2i DSLR camera and am having a lot of fun exploring the available lenses. I've avoided stuff from outside the Canon EF ecosystem so far, but after reading Jake von Slatt's post adapting old lenses on new cameras, a change my heart might be on the cards.

While I have absolutely no desire to revisit the days of film, I was kind of interested in what sort of image the old German made lens would produce on my modern Canon DSLR so I went in search of a way to attach it. I found machined custom metal adapters, and adapters made with scavenged old Canon lens, but I was looking for something cheaper and easier to mod. It all came together when I spotted an inexpensive plastic adapter made to mount the plastic lens from a Diana camera on a Canon DSLR.

The $10 Diana-to-Canon EF adapters are made of plastic and were so easy to hack to fit his old lens that Jake went on to attach a bellows lens scavenged from the town dump—a more involved procedure.

Putting Old Lenses on a Canon DSLR [The Steampunk Workshop]