Elfquest fan feature


Fans of classic indie comic Elfquest, tired of waiting on Warner Brothers to get cracking on the official movie, recently finished work on a "fan trailer" featuring some of the series' female characters. Shown off at Wondercon by creators Stephanie Thorpe and Paula Rhodes — with the blessing of original authors Wendy and Richard Pini — the live-action scene-setter captures the saga's weird combination of European and Native American folklore.

elfquestteaser2.jpgElfquest, now available free online, was among the first indie comics to be sold in bookstores or to attract a significant female audience. It's also credited with hitting some transgressive notes back in the 70s: mixed-race relationships, genre-spanning stories, matter-of-fact violence, and a free-love lifestyle made apparent in events such as war orgies and bisexual goings-on in the night.

See if you can guess, before watching it, which of these attributes the trailer somehow seems to suggest without really trying.

ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining: Teaser Trailer [YouTube]

Elfquestfantrailer.com [Official website via i09]