Hacker and internet troll Weev befriends DSK: "We're all like one big Breakfast Club in there"

Accused attempted rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn has met the welcome wagon, and it is Weev. The hacker and internet troll who lives in the downtown New York City building where DSK is placed under house arrest told the New York Post he's met the ex-IMF chief, and that they are pals of a sort.


"He's an OK guy," said Andrew Auernheimer, 26, (pictured) who claims that DSK lives on the fourth floor of the Empire Building at 71 Broadway, where "eight or nine other guys are all in the same situation."

"We're all like one big Breakfast Club in there," he said. "I saw the guy coming in . . . with guards. . . and roaming the hallway and I invited the guy in and introduced him to a few people. . ..

Auernheimer, aka Weev
, is one of the guys who discovered a flaw at AT&T's website that compromised the privacy of thousands of iPad users.