Antique Phonograph Music DJ and radio show


If Boing Boing ever throws a big bash in New York City, I'd hire Michael Cumella to DJ. Forget Technics 1200s; When Cumella spins a party, he brings two antique hand-cranked phonographs and a crate of 78s from the beginning of the 20th century. Besides offering his services as the "Crank-Up Phonograph Experience," Cumella is the host of WFMU Radio's "Antique Phonograph Music Program With MAC." If you've never heard the show, I suggest you fire up the Graphophone and get your Old Timey on with a quickness.

Michael Cumella's Crank-Up Phonograph Experience

Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC (via The Wire)

"The iPhonograph" kit (via Submitterator, thanks angelheaded!)