Dice age: weird dice, wacky rules


At Turnstyle, Noah Nelson talks to the creator of a game that uses weird, ornamental dice instead of traditional ones.

Nor are we talking about standard six-siders, or even the 8-, 12-, and 20-sided dice familiar to Dungeons & Dragons players.

"I went down to the definition of dice," says Convert, "which is an object which can stop on one side or the other, and I went crazy making shapes. Whatever shape is good so long as it stops on one side. So you have dice that have the shape of barrels, volcano, rocket, whatever goes."

At last count four other games have been "discovered" by Dice Age players, making it not just one game but an entire system of play. Our duel went by quickly, with the game twisting and turning on each roll. I quickly saw how two players with carefully constructed sets of dice, ala Magic or Warhammer, could find themselves in a tense game of strategy, tactics, and chance.

There's 10 days to go on a Kickstarter project to manufacture the set, but it's still got a few bob to go,

Dice Age: Rolling up a new way to play [Turnstyle]