Keeping up with the pwnses: CNET's spreadsheet of recent hacking attacks


Elinor Mills at CNET has posted a chronological chart that documents recently publicized hacking events:

By our count, there have been more than 40 computer attacks, network intrusions, or data breaches in the last few months. And they seem to be a daily occurrence.

The chart shows which hackers and groups are identified as being behind each attack, and the methods and motives believed to be involved. As you skim through, remember that the date on which a given hack is made public isn't necessarily the date that target was breached: sometimes, a breach occurs long before the target or the attacker tells the world about it.

Mills adds that CNET will to update the chart as time goes on, and they're soliciting updates.

Here's a link to the article, and here's a direct link to the spreadsheet.