Identifying Sioux Falls in 1956 from a set of unattributed parade photos

Cozyoak sez, "The latest installment of the Ferrous Archive takes us through the process of figuring out a place and time (via a Kodachrome parade from 1956). Dear Sioux Falls: Ethel's All Girl Bar and Lounge needs to be re-opened."

Look at all those great businesses – Gridley Martz Insurance, Don's Drive-In Liquor, Vandel Furniture, Ethel's All Girl Bar and Lounge (bar AND lounge? So much drinking going on!). Keep going down the street, Canton Chow Mein Cafe, Ace Variety, Sansa's Cafe, Maytag District Store – lots and lots of easy leads to pinpoint where the parade happened, right? Wrong! I have not been able to find evidence of any of these businesses! Seriously – no one cared to remember and record Ethel's? That's ridiculous.

Kerrville or Sioux Falls? 1956 Centennial Parade.