Brainfeeder's "beat music" scene

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Last night, Dean and I got caught in a heavy/heady groove with this track, "Cushion," by Samiyam, from the just-released "Sam Baker's Album."

Reading up on Samiyam at XLR8R and NPR took me into the Los Angeles "beat music" scene of bassy, noisy, psych-y, instrumental hip hop. The main point-of-entry is the Brainfeeder record label, spearheaded by Steven "Flying Lotus" Ellison. Flying Lotus is a well-known producer and laptop musician who happens to be the great-nephew of the late Alice and John Coltrane. You may unknowingly have heard his music in the bumpers running on Adult Swim, or in this BB post last year. Along with his own myriad projects, including a collaboration with Radiohead's Thom Yorke, Flying Lotus has over the last couple of years created an impeccable roster of experimental producers and musicians whose work I've only begun to explore. Some names are Teebs (photo above left), Gaslamp Killer, Austin Peralta, Thundercat, Strangeloop, and Tokimonsta. Ready, steady, go!


"First Listen: Samiyam, 'Sam Baker's Album'" (NPR)

Samiyam "Cushion" (XLR8R)

"Teebs: Better Living Through 'Beat Music'" (NPR)