Rideable strandbeest

Metrod's Panterragaffe is a rideable strandbeest (Theo Jansen's wonderful kinetic sculpture). There've been strandeests for hamsters and 3D printed strandbeests, but none are as sweet as perching on the seat of a strandbeest built for two. It was created by Metrods, in West Vancouver, a studio that does work for hire. They previewed it last month at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire.

In this configuration it requires smooth hard ground, but we're working on a modification to the mechanism to pick the feet up higher with each step. We should then be able to walk on grass and slightly irregular ground.

It's made entirely of mild steel, with ball bearing joints and pivots. The bench and two leg boxes are three separate pieces, held together with hitch pins for easy transport. It weighs nearly 700 pounds loaded without passengers.

The legs are only 1/2 inch square tubing with 1/16 inch wall thickness. This material bends very easily, but with careful leg design we were able to use this extremely small tubing to reduce weight and present a lighter appearance.


(via Make)