Brooks husband tries to reclaim mystery computer found in trashcan near home

The husband of former News of the World editor and Murdoch lieutenant Rebekah Brooks tried to claim possession of a computer, papers and cellphone discarded in a trashcan near her home today.

He claims it is his computer, not hers, and that he "left the bag with a friend" who "dropped it in the wrong part of the garage" where the bin is. Someone handed it in to garage security, which gave it to police. From The Guardian:

Detectives are examining a computer, paperwork and a phone found in a bin near the riverside London home of Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International. … It is understood the bag was handed into security at around 3pm and that shortly afterwards, Brooks's husband, Charlie, arrived and tried to reclaim it. He was unable to prove the bag was his and the security guard refused to release it.

Losing your computer in the trash immediately after your wife's arrest on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications? Really?

Police examine bag found in bin near Rebekah Brooks's home