Fake plastic surgeon "enhanced" patient's butt with tire-sealant injection

A Florida man woman called Oneal Ron Morris has been arrested for performing dangerous cosmetic surgeries of his her own devising, injecting his her "patient" with a cocktail of tire-sealant, cement, and glue to "enhance" the patient's bum. The victim has developed an MRSA infection and pneumonia.

Pictured here, Ms Morris (bold and strikethrough above represent corrections due to an early mistake with pronouns).

"They agreed on the price of $700 for the procedure, which was intended for cosmetic purposes," Bamford said.

What the woman got for her money was a series of injections containing a bizarre concoction of cement, super glue, mineral oil and Fix-A-Flat tire inflator and sealant, police said.

Bamford said that the procedure was conducted not in a clinic, but in a residential setting in Miami Gardens, and that shortly after the substance was injected into the woman's body she developed what Bamford termed "severe complications."

Man Arrested for Boosting Butts With Cement, Fix-A-Flat