Mixtapes in Collision

The Velikovskian model of the mixtape

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This is a selection of mixes in the celestial sphere that were taped in historical times. In these mixes the planet Earth participated too. This mix describes two acts of a great drama: one that occurred thirty-four to thirty-five centuries ago, in the middle of the second millennium before the present era; the other in the eighth and the beginning of the seventh century before the present era.

Accordingly, this volume consists of collisions between selected examples of techno.

Harmony or stability in the celestial and terrestrial spheres is expressed in the celestial mechanics of Newton and the theory of evolution of Darwin. If these two men of science are sacrosanct, this mix is a heresy.

No scientific formula will stand in the way of those who set out to hear this cut. Just as the quantum theory describes dramatic changes in the microcosm, the path this mix takes through the macrocosm is uncertain.

Therefore, only the first and last tracks are fixed without question as regards the theory of cosmic catastrophism. All others are the results of chance, proceeding on an arc of observable possibility on a synchronical scale of Egyptian and Hebrew histories which is not orthodox.

Possible collisions on the
outbound journey to a glorious dawn

Possible track list

Immanuel Velikovsky's text and Macmillan's book cover remixed by Rob Beschizza.

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