Matter: kickstartered project to sustain serious, long-form online journalism

Matter is a new startup hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter to support thoughtful, long-form journalism on the Internet. Founded by Bobbie Johnson (my former editor at The Guardian) and respected journalist Jim Giles, it seeks to produce a stable business model for serious, reflective online writing.

MATTER will focus on doing one thing, and doing it exceptionally well. Every week, we will publish a single piece of top-tier long-form journalism about big issues in technology and science. That means no cheap reviews, no snarky opinion pieces, no top ten lists. Just one unmissable story.

MATTER is about brilliant ideas from all around the world, whether they come from professors at MIT or the minds of mad people. But most of all, it's about getting amazing investigative reporters to tell compelling stories.

We're building MATTER for readers, not advertisers. So however you access our stories — whether it's on our website, via the Kindle store, or on your Apple and Android devices — you will get a beautifully designed experience that puts you first.