Fun pencil holder hack for Lego Moleskine


In the latest episode of the Gweek podcast (Number 45), I talked about the new line of limited edition Lego Moleskine notebooks. The front cover has a Lego plate built into it. When I brought up this feature, my co-host Michael Pusateri had a great idea -- attach a pencil to a Lego brick so you can stick a pencil on the cover!

After the show, Michael went to work on the idea and made it! Here's a photo (above). I believe he had to pull the ferrule off the pencil and shave down the end of the pencil a bit, because the pencil's diameter is a little too large for the allowable hole you can drill into a Lego brick. (Read the comments where Michael explains how he made it.)

Below, some photos of the Lego Moleskine that I took. (figure not included.)