Encrypted browser for iPad and iPhone

From Cult of Mac, this news about a 99-cent iOS app that uses the Tor network to offer encrypted web browsing.

Onion-Browser-1The Onion Browser will tunnel your connection through the Tor network, concealing your IP address and also encrypting all data before it leaves your device. You can also spoof your user agent to hide the fact that you're using an iOS device (handy for iPhone users who work at Microsoft) and even tunnel out through corporate firewalls and country-wide censorship.

What's more, the developer — Mike Tigas — has made the source code available both on his website and on GitHub, so you can check inside to see just what it's doing. He is also donating 10% of his cut of the 99-cent asking price to Tor and the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

The Onion Browser Brings Anonymous, Encrypted Browsing To iOS