LEGO Heavy Weapons: Build Working Replicas of Four of the World's Most Impressive Guns

[Video Link] Here's a video trailer for Jack Streat's Lego Heavy Weapons how-to book I mentioned last month.

From LEGO guns mastermind and 17–year-old YouTube sensation Jack Streat comes LEGO Heavy Weapons, a collection of complete building instructions for four truly impressive, 1:1-scale replicas of the world's most iconic firearms.

LEGO Heavy Weapons will show you how to build brick-based models of:

– A massive Desert Eagle handgun, with working blowback action

– The compact but deadly AKS-74U assault rifle with folding stock

– A bolt-action Lee Enfield sniper rifle (a.k.a. Jungle Carbine) with bipod and scope

– A pump action SPAS combat shotgun

Each set of instructions includes a complete parts listing, so you can find (or special order) any hard-to-find bricks. The book's illustrated, step-by-step building instructions will be clear to anyone who's ever played with LEGO bricks, and the biggest models will challenge and delight even the most serious builders.

LEGO Heavy Weapons