Scottish cops auto-Godwin Olympic sceptic

Afraid of the Knock on the Door sez, "An old age pensioner, living in a residential care home, received a visit from the Scottish police plain clothes division following his letter to a local newspaper in connection with the Olympics due to be held in London this summer.

He wrote about the connection of the torch relay with Germany in the 1930s.

**Contains irony.**"

Mr Coull said: "It was invented by Nazi propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, to please his boss Adolf. Hitler loved the idea of the relay, and the connection with pagan mythology in ancient Greece, emphasising the Aryan nature of the games."

The pensioner, who completed a history degree at Dundee University in his late 50s, said in his letter that he would be "there to protest this fascist display" on the Angus leg of the relay.

A few days after the letter appeared, Mr Coull and wife Keri received the surprise CID visit…

"I asked if protest was now illegal. They said no, it isn't, but there will be lots of folk out to cheer the Olympic torch, and we wouldn't want you to get hurt by them, or vice versa. I think they were a bit nonplussed that both myself and Keri were laughing so much. I assured them that I had no intention of hurting anybody."

'I started laughing, and kept on laughing' — Olympic torch protester gets a police visit