Archer & Armstrong – comic book where the 1% are costumed supervillians

Todd Allen of Comics Beat reviews Archer & Armstrong, a brain-rotting propaganda comic book produced by the liberal media elite (and funded by George Soros, no doubt).


When the teasers for Archer and Armstrong #1 came out, there was a little bit of noise from the political parts of the web about what an awful liberal smear job the book was because of some villains billing themselves as the 1%. I’d gotten a good laugh out of villains calling themselves the 1% and wearing golden masks of bulls and bears (an obvious stock market joke) and I figured the usual noisy political types might be over-reacting. Come to find out, Archer and Armstrong is a much more political book than I was expecting. It’s also utterly hilarious. Unless you’re a dogmatic Republican with limited-to-no sense of humor. If you’re one of those, stay FAR away from this comic. It will set you off.

This gem is written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Clayton Henry. It opens with a straight forward scene of ancient Ur (as in Mesopotamia and The Epic of Gilgamesh) where a mysterious device is set off which destroys civilization. And if you’re a fan of the old Eternal Warrior comic, there’s an Easter egg in there for you. Flash ahead to modern times and a Christian fundamentalist theme park which teaches you how dinosaurs and cavemen lived together.

Review: Archer And Armstrong #1: Arch-Conservatives Will Hate This Comic