Video about New Dimension comic book store (featuring Ed Piskor!)

[Video Link] I was thrilled to see our pal Ed "Brain Rot" Piskor in this great video about a fantastic old-school comic book store on Pennsylvania called New Dimension that actually sells used comic books!

Ed says:

Hey Mark. I'm not too sure what the comic shops look like in Cali, but
on the east coast, it seems like boxes and boxes of back issues, and
real estate costs have been clashing with stores and a lot of shops
have been relegated to selling collections, graphic novels, etc. Stuff
that fits on the bookshelf.

I have a couple really great cartoonist friends in Pittsburgh, who
brought me along to this store I've never been to, in the middle of
farm country, where this guy seems to be buying massive collections
from estates, and from shops that have gone out of business, and it
looks like he's figured out a way to make selling back issues work for
his business.

My pal Julie Sokolow thought it was worth filming and she cut a video together
of our trip there. Thought you might dig the geek fest.

I do dig it!