Judge not CES

Mat Honan, Wired, with wise words for tired-out tech writers and their weary readers.

We shouldn't let that skepticism and weariness make the leap to outright cynicism. There is still much to be excited about here. Yes: CES is overstimulating and exhausting and has a massive noise-above-signal problem where company after company tries to sell you on their horrible ideas that no one should ever buy into. But at it's best, it can still serve amazement straight up. And it's still the best place to see new technology products, all in one place, all in one time.

It's easy to turn CES into a cipher for many other things that it's better to dislike one at a time. Moreover, CES helps the business usher in cool stuff, which Mat rounds up in his article. I've been guilty of a certain tech-writing sin: the incessant, unasked-for coverage of CES itself rather than what's at it. You don't care about CES, though, right? You just want to hear about the good stuff.