The Basic Report — monthly newsletter to make you a better dinner guest

I hope The Basic Report sticks around. It's like a condensed version of The Week, which is already a condensed version of other news magazines.

If only there was a Basic Report that we could read, a digest of what stuff is interesting to most people that could help us to be better dinner guests. So, we decided to make that report.
We're not journalists. This was an amateur labor of love done by a few friends to create something we wanted to see. It's sort of like a current events homework project, by adults, with a good bit of snark.
We stole liberally from many places, but tried to summarize in our own words. We tried to be unbiased, and we think everything that isn't obviously humor is factual. While we did poke fun, we tried hard to not hurt anyone's feels. We hope you enjoy it.