Unless You Sell Thin Mints… No Soliciting


My sister's family has this "Unless you sell Thin Mints… No Soliciting" sign next to their door. She says it works – no one has tried to sell her magazine subscriptions and the Girl Scouts who come by are excited to find a happy customer.

When I posted the photo to Facebook, a couple of my friends took pictures of their own funny door signs:

baconGareth Branwyn says, "I finally got to 'use' my sign a few weeks ago. I had two guys from Verizon show up at my front door. Once I knew they were selling something, I asked: 'Did you bring bacon?' They looked at me like dogs that had just heard a high-pitched squeal. I pointed behind me to the sign. 'Then I'm not interested.' They looked at me like they suddenly might be concerned for my mental well-being and quickly headed back down my walk."

Here's Bart Nagel's cover-all-your-cases "Cheap Apolitical Pagans Live Here"
door sign.

Jason DeFillippo has a message for nosey cops: "Come Back with a Warrant"