Play it now: DOLLY


Mechanical platformers with abstract, lonesome aesthetics stubbornly remain all the rage among indie developers (a strangely-specific 'rage', I know). But there's something subtly nostalgic, almost Knytt-like about DOLLY, a visually-striking game that seems to take place inside a woman's head.

It's the art I love most: The gentle smokelike color washes the suggestion of terrain against an ever-present salmon sun, blood-colored flecks. It makes a lovely backdrop for the meditative act of keyboard platforming, if you're into that kind of thing (and if you get stuck early on, note that you can use the spacebar to double-jump).


DOLLY is by Blake M. Wood, and is among many first-year games from Auckland, New Zealand's Media Design School. We found out about it via the always-useful Warp Door.