You are the Animal Inspector, and some pets just aren't any good

In a world where pets are taking up too much space, you have to decide which goofy, startled animals are useful and which are not. But can you save your own sweet furry buddy?

Mess up the practice space while the band keeps playing

At first you're just knocking over, like, cups and tables and band members and stuff, but then you start to play with the sliders.

Help this girl band survive its breakup, a trippy forest, and a wall of Harry Potters

An intensely strange, wonderful and substantial MSPaint adventure lets you switch among friends to solve offbeat puzzles.

Video tapes with strange names transport you to abstract realms

A pile of forgotten cassettes create art and mystery.

Become a ruthless, noble lady in this 'Renaissance revenge simulator'

Your wealthy father and brother have been killed by distasteful schemers, and now you're to be married off to one of them. Can you plan your brutal revenge without arousing suspicion—while acting like a perfect courtly lady?

You're a laboratory mistake. Can anybody love you?

In A Heart Between Parts, your first act as a player is to unsnip the thread that sews your lips shut. Some scientist tried to make himself a wife and was unhappy with how you turned out, so you've been locked away.

This brief but piquant point-and-click adventure game by Stefan "leafthief" Srb has the beautiful pixel art that is the creator's trademark, and it's full of beautiful little beats about choosing life, even when you don't know when or why you are. It's another "You are the Monster" 48-hour game from the recent Ludum Dare 33 game jam, which helps explain why it's so little, but its smallness helps it feel delicate and restrained, never too maudlin. The game's puzzles are easy to solve; it's more about the journey of thought and hope you take along the way.

Download A Heart Between Parts for free or donation here. Read the rest

Buy Windows 95, Dances With Wolves and Myst in this vaporwave classic

Don't miss this cool vaporwave game about the end of the "hanging at the mall" consumerist heyday.

You are Bigfoot, so don't let anybody film you

Make sure the legendary sasquach never really appears on film in this sweet "reverse stealth" minigame.

Equip all children with scissors, reject capitalism?

I can't survive the fist. I don't know if I've killed the children. Help me out with this one.

Smash the city in this riotous 'slam-em-up'

Eff it up hardcore in this all-girl project from New York.

Play it now: Jack MacQwerty

Home row on the raaaaange! I made that up myself. Here's a fun typing game about Western shootouts!

Passengers is a game about the human cost of Europe's migrant crisis

You're a smuggler assessing asylum seekers who want to go to Europe. You'll be surprised at how quickly you become an arbiter of human life.

Play it now: Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs

Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs is a new, vitally-weird project from the brilliant Nathalie Lawhead, part software-driven narrative experience, part horrific dinosaur re-assembly simulation.

Play it now: Composition in a Minor Key

Perhaps I'm feeling soft today, but I felt sentimental and melancholic speaking to the fortune teller who said my life might have been different if I'd only met that neighbor who loves apricot jam.

She Might Think is a lovely, innovative experiment about perception

"The goal is secretly to show you that every girl is unique, has her own opinions and definitely doesn't answer to gender stereotypes," writes creator Marion Esquian of this unique episodic work.

Play it now: Loss

How long can you hold onto something good? Is all pleasure fleeting? Is this a comic element of being alive, or a tragic one?

Mobile game of the week: Specimen, A Game About Color

It's a fact that the sky is blue. But is my blue the same as yours? This fantastic app gamifies the quest to find out more about the differences in how humans perceive color, and it's surprisingly challenging and hooky.

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