Play it now: Project Code Glitches, Get Money


I am a partially-conceived polygonal body floating through a green field toward acid mountains. The kind of bright orange hoops I swim toward put me in mind of childhood Sega games. I become so attracted to the hoops that I forget my main goal, which is to collect cash that hangs dully in midair and whispers when I grab it.

In the end I collect $2100 of my $77,436 in student loan debt. I don't think I could have done much better. Interestingly the Sunny Delight-colored hoops gave me nothing.

"This is a demo of a piece I'm working on for my thesis," the game's creator, Aquma, writes on Project: Code Glitches, Get Money's page (the game is free). "Picture me on a stage, this projected onto the wall. I have a volunteer play the game, and while they do, I rap about making video games for money. There's more to it, but that's the gist so far."

That actually sounds pretty effective, to me. Phrases like "making video games for money" and "thesis" are increasingly unnerving these days, even moreso when paired.