Potbox: a monthly subscription box for weed

Until Chris Christie becomes president, residents of San Francisco and Los Angeles are able to subscribe to a monthly box of 10 grams of weed, from a company called Potbox, for $150.


Each Potbox contains a quarter-ounce each of two different strains of all-natural cannabis, expertly selected and customized to your preferences. Love Indicas, Stativas or Hybrids? Choose your favorite and leave the rest to our farmers.


Your Potbox will include two wax-sealed, pre-rolled joints. These blends are ground, filled, and sealed at the farm shortly before we deliver your order to achieve maximum freshness.


We provide official lab results outlining THC, CBD, and other chemical levels, as well as information about where your cannabis was grown, its species, and genetics, so that you know exactly what’s going into your body.

Notable Replies

  1. To find out the price you have to give them an email address, which is annoying.

    You also have to give them a zip code, and they didn't support first three San Francisco ones I tried, or the first two LA zip codes, so it's clearly a bit more limited at the moment than just being in San Francisco or LA.

    Finally found a LA zip code that they supported, and give them a junk email address, so I could finally find out the price.

    It's $150 for 10 grams of pot, which seems pretty expensive compared to other "high quality" pot in California (http://www.priceofweed.com/prices/United-States/California.html)

  2. I prefer to get mine from my pharmacist.

  3. 10g seems wrong; if it's two quarters plus two joints, that should be closer to 16g. That's $34/slice, a fine price by my math.

  4. bruce says:

    It's a lousy price by Oregon standards. Passed this billboard the other day:

    Sorry about the weird glitchiness due to the electronic billboard and phone camera combo.

    And for those wondering, a friend went and checked it out. Deal's legit and quality was acceptable.

  5. As one who has tasted the damp basement flavor of "corked" wine, I wouldn't be that excited about expensive marijuana sealed with a cork. The packaging is altogether too pretty. Why not ship it in lightweight bags in a smaller box and let people put it in their own jar.

    I think the joints are too big if it's high quality pot. Smoking a lot just builds more tolerance.

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