She Might Think is a lovely, innovative experiment about perception


She Might Think is a week-long game project by designer Marion Esquian, and it's a really cool idea: It's set in a visually-rich, sprawling apartment space, and it's about the five different women who come to tour the space as potential renters.

Actually, it's not so much about the five women as it is about their observations: Each character is different, and each one has different thoughts about the things she sees in the space. "The goal is secretly to show you that every girl is unique, has her own opinions and definitely doesn't answer to gender stereotypes," Esquian writes on the game's page. "We used the opinions of real women and friends to create our characters."

The art, by Ludivine Bertholoux, is part of what makes the game such a pleasure: Her character designs are playful and distinctive, and the bright colors and confident shapes of the apartment make it feel busy, warm and inviting.


Esquian and Bertholoux have been releasing a different character each day of the week so far: In other words, each day a new file is available starring the latest character, with the other two already available. This unique episodic structure means that the game's essential "mechanic"—to compare one girl to another, to note their similarities and differences, and your own expectations as a player—is cast as a precious resource.

It's a wonderful creative experiment on several levels; download the latest episode here for free or pay-what-you-want.