It's exactly what it seems to be: a twister formed over a fire's intense heat, drawing the blaze hundreds of feet into their air.

Filmed by a firefighter in Idaho, this apocalyptic footage hit the internet yesterday and went viral.

Craig Fluer was fighting the Soda Fire in extreme conditions late last week when he caught this incredible video. "This sucker was shooting flames 100 ft in the air before it passed right in front of the line," Fluer wrote on Instagram, "all while dropping hot dirt and ash on our helmets."

Another firenado, shot in beautifully crisp HD by Chris Tangey near Conner, Australia, in 2012, shows licks of flame shooting up the the spout.

Here's a terrifying firenado about to devour a house in Southern California, during recent wildfires.

Below: aerial footage of a firenado fed, according to the description, by Jim Beam leaking from a Kentucky warehouse.

Would you like to see a "mega-firenado"? Yes, yes you would.