Play it now: Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs


I love Nathalie Lawhead's work. She needs her own museum. She does a brilliant job of depicting the internet age of yesteryear and its often capricious and malformed software as vital and worthy of love—see her recent creepy desktop potato, or her vast and continually-delightful, occasionally-gruesome freeware arcade.

Her new work Anatomically-Incorrect Dinosaurs is a wonderful example of why I'm Completely Here For everything she does—part twitchy bit of software, part narrative experience, everything you touch is either surprising or funny, and the software itself seems to cry out with a sad little voice.


Basically you are an archaeologist at the Shitsonian and you have to reassemble dinosaurs from parts, and you have a weird resurrected assistant who promises to form a human shield in the event your creation attacks you, and everybody speaks with the throwback murmurs of vintage scientific films, and the game cooly dooms you to go without assistance, begs you not to minimize it.


It is currently a free download. Just go play it or you're basically dead to me. Every day I get Tweets from people being like "oh so many fun games on Offworld, just too many for me to play! ;-)" and I'm kind of like well are you actually reading the site because they all take like five minutes, and Anatomically Incorrect Dinosaurs takes maybe like ten minutes before you've seen everything so I don't want to hear any excuses.