Review: These microfiber towels are a much better way to clean up spills and messes in my car

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There's always some kind of mess in my car. Spilled coffee, greasy hands, fogged-up or bird-pooped-on windows. I usually fumble around for whatever paper napkins I might have stashed away, but then I saw Quickie microfiber towel 24-packs on Amazon for $10. They turned out to be a way better solution.

They're reusable towels that clean up anything in the car without creating a new mess, as paper napkins or towels do. It's the best 10 bucks I've ever spent on my car.

Paper napkins I've grabbed on the road just flat-out suck because they're tissue thin, and they always fall apart. To make up for how crappy they are I always used a ton of them, but they damage the environment and just amount to more rubbish in the car. quickie 04

I don't need a high-end microfiber for just cleaning up little messes while on the road, and Quickie is much cheaper. Each towel is 14"x14", and can safely clean even my headlights or sunglasses.

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It's a great return for little cost that keeps me, and my car, happy.

Get 24-packs of Quickie Microfiber towels for $10 on Amazon.