Katamino – a simple and quick, yet challenging puzzle board game

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Katamino is a wooden puzzle and board game that can be played solo (puzzle) or with two players (puzzle game). As a two-person game, players must arrange the twelve different shaped blocks – pentaminos [same as pentomino, but this is how Katamino spells it] – so that they fit and completely cover the grid on the board, which can be adjusted in length before the game starts. Players take turns fitting the pentaminos over the squares until one player can no longer fit a piece. The game is simple, quick and challenging. The wooden pieces are high quality and beautiful enough to keep out on display. I am not much of a window shopper myself, but was amazed by this puzzle game from the moment I saw it. I spent quite a while working the puzzle in the store before I went ahead and purchased it. With over thousands of possible combinations and a handful of variations to play the game, I'd say Katamino satisfies the requisite for a must-have puzzle game for anyone who's up for a challenge.

– Joseph Nicholas

Katamino Deluxe

by Gigamic

Ages 5-100, 1-2 players

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