Rush Hour Shift – A strategic twist on the classic get-the-car-unstuck logic game

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Rush Hour Shift is an entertaining twist on the classic get-the-car-unstuck logic game. Instead of a single player working through pre-designed puzzles, now there are two players working against each other in a constantly changing landscape. The manual includes instructions for ten basic board set-ups to start. Following these instructions, players are positioned at opposite ends of the board while cars of different sizes and colors are placed between them. The object of the game is to get your car (Silver versus Gold) to the other side of the board.

Each player is dealt four cards, and on your turn you play one of your cards and do what it says. There are four card types: Move, Shift, Slide, and Move & Shift. Move cards allow you to move any car (except your opponent’s car) the number of squares indicated on the card. You can also strategically split up the number among cars, so if you play a three you could move one car two spaces and another car one space, or you could move three cars one space. Shift cards allow you to move the board itself, and this is probably the coolest aspect of the game. The game board is built with three interlocking pieces, and when you play a shift card you can move either of the end pieces as far as you want. So you can literally remove the path from your opponent so they have nowhere to go. Slide cards allow you to move as many spaces you want until something blocks your path. If you’ve strategically cleared space in front of your car, you could theoretically cross the entire board in one move. Move & Shift cards allow you to both shift the board AND move a number of spaces. Using these cards in creative combinations will advance your card across the board while impeding your opponent's success.

This game is actually very challenging. As soon as you think you have the perfect strategy to win the game, your opponent can play a shift card and move the board right out from under you. Since you have the ability to split up movement between cars, it’s possible to move yourself a small number of spaces while constantly putting cars in front of your opponent. The game has enough chance elements in it that it’s a fairly balanced game. Anyone who understands the basics of the cards has a solid chance of winning. The fun and the challenge is in adapting to the changes your opponent will throw at you.

– Alex Strine

Rush Hour Shift

by Think Fun

Ages 8 and up, 2 players

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